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28 Nov

As i sit here on this cold and frosty thanksgiving morning and I look over at our Turkey that is still defrosting I realize how lucky I am. at this time of year i often think of the life I’ve had over the past 18 years and I’m in awe of what has happened. I got sober on jan. 2, 1996 and I had nothing. and now the things I have are too numerous to list here in this humble blog. I could go on and on about the things I own but that would cheapen it so I will talk about all the things I’ve gained. mostly these are things I know and feel good about. for instance, I live where I have always wanted to and as I sit and drink my coffee on my porch and look at the natural world around me I realize it engulfs me and makes me only a part of it ,not just because I’m here, but because I’m at it’s mercy. as I watch the deer and hogs and my friends the crows walk and fly through eating what we have left for them I realize all life is good and I must do my share to help this world move forward. I have a wife whom I love and loves me back….plus puts up with me……and whom I’m not sure how I would get along without. I also have a step daughter. whom I consider my own, that is 23 years old and loves life. I am very proud of her. she has come here to visit on this holiday and we are both happy to have her here. the funny thing is, I don’t care about her because I have to… I care about her because of who she is . when she told us she was gay I worried for her because of a world that does not know her as a person…. but as gay person. when she told us about it I realize how scared she must have been to tell her mother and possible harder to tell me. that took guts and I respect that. I live my life by a few tenets and they are as follows; I do not lie, cheat or steal, I will not say anything behind anyones back that I would not say to their face, I will protect my family….with my life if need be….without question or thought. these thing have always been there….inside of me, but is took getting sober to bring them out. there was time I would have hated my daughter for what she is  but now it is so much different. my job is no longer to care about only myself……but to care about myself last and to make sure my family is safe and as secure as possible. today I will watch football and eat to near death which is what we all should do…..but for at least one minute today I ask each and every one of us to remember we are here not only for ourselves but for our families. remember that there are many military families with empty chairs at their tables. please remember the Benghazi 4, whom our supposed leaders forsook and then lied about later. remember this once great country needs our help and must be saved from tyranny. and most importantly, as you look across the table at friends and family remember how lucky we truly are

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


29 Oct

as i sit here in my chair thinking about our current political mess it occurs to me that this whole this has nothing to do with politics, or parties, or even the people of this great land. no sir, it has o do with incompetence plain and simple. it is about incompetent people voting for an incompetent leader who in turn appoints incompetent underlings. obamacare is one of the end results of all this incompetence. with all the people who have been involved in this idiocy, you would think just one of them would have thought to call the insurance company’s to find out what they were planning. maybe to find out if they planned to cancel people or raised their rates. apparently, nobody did. so what is left to do now? well, if you’re an average american you’ll say “well, i screwed up”……..but…….if your the government, and this is your signature law…….apparently you lie through your teeth, no matter how bad you look doing it. it is so obvious to me and any thinking person, that obamacare is not going to work for anyone. not the people who really do need it or the people who are being forced to pay for it. but because obama is going to continue slamming it down our throat till the end of his term we will be subject to more lies, more falsehoods, more political games and yes………more incompetance

Hello world!

15 May

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